Since the COVID-19 disease started spreading rapidly across the world people are increasingly feeling helpless, unsafe, and confused – partcularly when it comes to the health and safety of their family.

The prospect of contracting this virus is scary – however, there are some steps that you can take in your own home to maximise your safety and minimise the risk of your family becoming infected. This post provides some useful (and simple) house cleaning tips that you can follow to help flatten the curve of the Coronavirus Outbreak in Australia.

Use Approved Cleaning Products

It is very important that the cleaning products you use are effective and safe – because there may be irresponsible organisations & individuals selling counterfeit products taking advantage of hysteria caused by the Coronavirus outbreak.

Ensure that you use household/commercial grade disinfectants, wipes, sanitisers, cleaners, and deodoriser that comply with the Therapeutic Goods Order (TGO) approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA).
Read the labels carefully before purchasing a sanitation product, and if possible research about brands that only sell TGA approved goods.

Note: Always check the information provided at the back of a disinfectant to know if it is only effective at killing bacteria. Purchase one that guarantees killing bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Clean Before Disinfecting

It is common to use the words cleaning and disinfecting interchangeably. However, both are different and to thoroughly sanitise any surface these activities must be done in the correct order. Cleaning is required to remove dust, dirt, or any other pollutant on a surface and disinfecting is necessary to kill germs, bacteria, viruses, and other microbes.

Disinfect High Touch Surfaces

Most people catch and transmit germs and viruses by touching common points of contacts such as handles, knobs, switches, stair railings etc. Therefore , it is vital to disinfect these high touch areas regularly to prevent the spread of any disease. You can use a store-bought but non-toxic disinfectant to sanitise these areas.

Get a Professional Deep Clean

Professional Cleaners have the right cleaning products and equipment. They will use proper cleaning techniques to sanitise and disinfect your house effectively. Getting your home deep cleaned by experts is especially recommended in case a family member has been sick recently.