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What is Coronavirus cleaning or sanitisation?

Coronavirus, or more specifically COVID-19, is a deadly virus that can infect any person or thing and causes serious illness, which may even lead to death. To keep your place and family safe from the harms of viruses like COVID-19, we provide effective coronaviris cleaning services, sanitisation and disinfection services to businesses and households.

What is included in Coronavirus cleaning?

Our COVID-19 cleaning services include complete cleaning, disinfection and sanitisation of your home or business to remove all kinds of viruses and bacteria. We can perform this cleaning on a regular, weekly or one-time basis, as per your needs and preference. We will also provide safety tips to fight against corona.

How much does your corona cleaning cost?

Our coronavirus cleaning and sanitisation services are competitive, so you can be assured to get the best quality services at the lowest prices. We are able to provide a proposal and quote after analysing your location and requirements.

Are your COVID-19 cleaners insured and certified?

Yes, our cleaners have been specifically trained in techniques and tools to remove harmful viruses like COVID-19. All our commercial cleaners are experienced professionals who have police clearance and license to provide services. Also, we hold public liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance for all our cleaners.

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